Top environmental games to teach your kids about conservation


Teaching kids about environmental protection and global warming has become an important issue. With the drastic changes in the environment it is important to help them inherit right form of eco-education. They will implement tomorrow what they learn today. One of the best areas that can help them learn about environmental protection is environmental games.


In this game, children need to wear the hat of a wildlife photographer and check out various aspects of the environment. One of the most important features of this game is that it teaches about different areas involved in the environment like energy, land use, wastage, water, climate change and wildlife. This game has been developed depending on various age levels. The gamers are free to choose the level as per their age.


This game is focused on helping a specific community achieve their goals for the environment. You are required to create a plan that that helps in reducing the greenhouse gas emission and reduce the percentage of harmful gases. You get the flexibility to plan it your way and you can also utilize alternative sources of energy. There is also a way to reduce the human consumption that is affecting the environment in a large way.

Planet science

This game comes with a collection of environmental games along with various interactive quizzes. These games can be interesting and at the same time they teach the students about important aspects of climatic change. Kids need to properly mix and match various building blocks to create a safer world.

Recycle city

This game focuses on cleaning the city and creating awareness about cleanliness. This is one of those dumptown games that help kids understanding the importance of keeping their city clean. They become a dumptown manager and they need to manage the whole city to keep it clean and protected.

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